Autotron Induction Heating Systems for the Automotive Industry®

Advanced induction heating technology for advanced assembly and manufacturing applications 


An Induction Heater Saves You Time!!!

  • R&I your own automotive glass in less than 0.3 hours
  • Remove stubborn graphics & stripes in seconds (Glue is removed with stripe)
  • Quickly remove spay-in bedliners with little effort
  • R&I side mouldings in less the 0.1 hours, (re-use original OEM tape)

An Induction Heater Saves You Money!!!

  • Induction Heaters safely remove adhesive bonded components (roof panels, appliques, etc...) for reuse
  • Induction Heaters reduce the need for rubber/abrasive wheels and other consumables
  • Induction Heaters perform tasks that previously could not be done with traditional heat sources

An Induction Heater Improves Quality & Safety!!!

  • Induction Heaters only heat metal objects
  • Induction Heaters will not burn or melt glass, paint, plastic, or other nonmetallic materials
  • Induction Heaters will rapidly heat rusted fasteners without open flame, allowing work near plastic and other sensitive areas.

What is an Induction Heater and how does it work?

  • Induction Heaters are known by several different names.  One of the more common names is Heat Inductor.
  • Heat Inductors are nothing more than a high frequency AC inverter.
  • The Heat Inductor produces high frequency electrical currents that are used to power various heating attachments.
  • The heating attachments are also know as inductor heads.
  • The high frequency current from the Heat Inductor creates magnetic fields at the end of the inductor heads.
  • The magnetic field created by the Heat Inductor causes metal object to produce internal heat.
  • The inductor heads do not get hot.
  • The internal heat produced by the metal object is a result of induced electrical currents in the area where the inductor head is placed.
  • Heat Inductors work much like an electrical transformer with the inductor head being the primary of the transformer and the metal object being the secondary of the transformer circuit.
  • The heat produced by the Heat Inductor is ideal for the removal of all types of adhesive bonded automotive parts
  • Heat Inductors have 100's of autobody repair and industrial applications.

See your savings with the Autotron ROI / Savings Calculator


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