Autotron Induction Heating Systems for the Automotive Industry®  


Mobilizer Cart

The Autotron Mobilizer Cart (item 137195) is a great choice for protecting your induction heating system and increasing its mobility. Made from powder coated steel, the Mobilizer can withstand any abuse from the body shop or recycling yard. The Mobilizer has 3 convenient shelves that can be used for securing unused heating inductors and other accessories. 2 cable hangers are also included for storage of extension cords.  It is compatible with most portable MIG welders and has space on the back for securing a bottle of shielding gas


Versa Wedges

A good windshield wedge should be sufficiently wide to evenly distribute the force against the windshield in order to prevent cracking. It should also have a non-aggressive taper that prevents the glass from being forced out too quickly, which can also crack the glass or leave urethane on the pinch weld. The wedges should not damage painted surfaces, be heat resistant, and should not mar metal. The Versa Wedge polymer pry wedge meets all these attributes. In addition to other features. The unique design of the Versa Wedge gives technicians added leverage to lift glass away from the pinch weld without having to push the glass from the inside of the vehicle. One end of the Versa Wedge is a straight, while the other end is bent at 90 degrees to provide a prying lever. We recommend that 3 wedges be purchased with each Autotron 3300 Induction Heating System.


Frame Pro Inductor

The Frame Pro Inductor is an optional heating attachment designed specifically for rapid heating of frame rails and structural panels of automobiles for straightening and stress relieving.  It can heat 1/4 inch steel to 1300F in just a few seconds.  The fast flameless heat allows technicians to apply heat to areas of the vehicle that may be near sensitive materials such as wires and hoses without causing damage.  The heat is very focused and is easily monitored and controlled.  Eliminate the torch/rosebud today to reduce labor, consumables, and improve safety in the shop by purchasing the Autotron Frame Pro Inductor.  For more information click here.


Magnepopper PDR Inductor

The Magnepopper Inductor is an optional heating attachment that allows technicians to remove soft dents by heating the panel behind the paint , relieving the stress holding the dent, thus reducing its size or eliminating it all together.  This reduces the amount of outsourced PDR work as well as the amount of labor and materials used when doing using traditional repair techniques. The Magnepopper can also produce enough heat to shrink stretched metal panels and loosen siezed fasteners is hard to reach locations.  For more information about the Magnepopper Inductor, click here.



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