Autotron Induction Heating Systems for the Automotive Industry®  

Induction Thermal Expansion

Only the Autotron Induction Heating System can heat nut, bolts, and other mechanical hardware cherry red in seconds without flame.  The electromagnetic field only heats metal and is very concentrated.  The magnetic field creats small electrical currents in metal parts that cause the metal part to produce its own internal heat.  The magnetic field has no affect on non-metals allowing heat to be applied near plastic objects or other sensitive areas without damage.  The rapid heating caused by the Autotron heats nuts before the stud gets hot, which creates thermal expansion and allows frozen nuts to be removed with little effort.  It's also great for the removal of tie-rod ends.

Thermal Expansion

Use the Bolt Pro Inductor for thermally expanding nuts and bearings for easy removal.
Apply moderate heat to the nut that is to be removed.
After heating, quickly apply torque to remove the stubborn nut before the heat has time to transfer to the stud.
Notice how the nut is hot while the stud is relatively cool. The difference in temperature causes the nut to expand faster than the stud, making it easier to remove. 500F to 600F is usually enough for most applications. The nut in this photo was heated to cherry red for illustration purposes only.

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