Autotron Induction Heating Systems for the Automotive Industry®

Induction Heating Applications

The Autotron induction heater can be used for many automotive collision repair applications such as glass removal, side molding removal, stripe removal, heating rusted fasteners, spay-in bed liner removal and many others.  Click on the photos below for details.

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Glass Removal Applications  Molding Removal Applications  Stripe Removal Applications

  Thermal Expansion Applications  Other Applications

100's of Uses !!!

  • Spray-in bed liner removal
  • Caulking and seam sealer removal
  • Instantly cure  high solids 1k and 2k primers
  • Easily remove bonded roof panels and other SMC's
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Flameless frame rail heating
  • R&I core support labels
  • R&I underhood labels for belt, hose and AC routing
  • R&I serial number labels located in door jams
  • Remove vinyl stripes without solvent or rubber wheels
  • Debond rearview mirror brackets
  • Rapidly cure panel bonding adheasive
  • Strip Paint
  • Solder large electrical connectors as found on hybrid vehicles
  • Shrink fit bearings and gears
  • Loosen tie-rod ends
  • Removal of old body filler
  • Metal Shrinking
  • Bending and Forming
  • Vinyl black trim removal from upper door frames between front and rear windows
  • Loosen studs with thread locking compounds lie the ones holding roof racks in place
  • Easily remove torx bolt found in truck bed boxes and seat belts
  • R&I plastic vent shades, while removing all the tape from the vehicle
  • R&I OE and aftermarket fender flares... re-use the original tape
  • Easily remove after market chrome rocker panels
  • Thermally expand bearings and pulleys for easy installation, eliminating the need to press them on.

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